This is meant to make clear our intentions on what we try and want to change in people’s mindset. It’s a lot with what we fought in the past and we’ll fight in the future. Is something that we as people trial/tried; sometimes got things wrong, and I say that we finally got these right. The ways to a good mindset. So please, before trying to judge or criticize us: RTFM.

1. We have ZERO tolerance to extremist organizations or people and will try to stop them by every/any means. We will fight fire with fire.
2. We have also ZERO tolerance to things as child pornography, rape, murder, person trafficking or any other kind of such activities. That also means that you become a target when you’re exposing such things. If you think you’re funny by doing it? We will show you fun.
3. We hate violence directed to people who aren’t in any way to fight back or outgunned. Even if they are physically “outgunned”. We think people who are violent to people weaker than them, are simply put cowards. And we hate cowardry. You’ll get a lot of our attention.
4. We are not interested if you’re russian, gipsy, member of the LGBT community, men, women, extraterrestrial or any kind of such “discriminated” people. We will treat everyone as a PERSON. If a person has a bad attitude? You can’t get good words. If a person is good you WILL get good feedback. That depends on what you actually DO and not WHO you are. It’s called “it’s all about your attitude”.
5. If someone thinks that we will expose opinions based simply on our personal income you’ve got it wrong. Visit some other sites. WWW is big so feel free to fuckoff.
6. We are supporting in a way USA because they seem to have some reasoning(and we like the flag). If they will mistake, we WILL say that they’re doin’ it wrong.
7. We are realistic people here. No opinion exposed here will be unbiased and we don’t pretend such an attitude. Nor want it. So please don’t BS us with … “you’re pro chinese regime” kind of stuff.
8. We try to create a different mindset in people like us. To validate a thinking pattern. Somehow “unusual”. Because people like us seem to need to be validated. We do no harm, yet we are somehow harmed by silly opinions. Because normal is about from being mediocre to become hypocrite. In a very bad way. We’re somehow thought as ENFORCERS. Yes. That we are.
9. We won’t spare ammo. We will be harsh and retribution shall be swift. Even on USA. You’re our friend but behave like it. Otherwise you’re Tango Down.
10. We support ANY organization that does good to the world that surrounds us: trees, dogs, wildlife, amazonian jungle, extraterrestrial space etc. You WILL have our full support if we know that you’re actually DOING things to improve things in … Any such an organization that SAYS more than does will get the treatment in the point 2. Because you deserve it.
11. We actually LOVE outdoor activities and strive for them. We love sport and promote sporty type. Any athlete will BE promoted here no matter what nationality, color, gender, sexual clearance 🙂 We simply don’t care. We only care about doping … We’ll take care of doped athletes.
12. And finally we are THIS: courageous, honorable, relentless. Don’t mistake us.